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Rushi Gandhi was born on August 14, 2010.  He is the second and youngest child of Kalpesh and Nilima Gandhi.  Rushi has been diagnosed with the iron deficiency disorder called Beta Thalassemia Major since birth.  It is passed down to offspring when both parents carry the gene of Beta Thalassemia Minor.  Thalassemia is common in the Mediterranean, African American, Asian and Indian communities.

The Gandhi family had already lost one baby to this awful disorder 5 years prior to finding out they were pregnant with Rushi.  They found out very late in the first pregnancy after the amniocentesis and DNA testing that they both carried the Beta Thalassemia Minor gene which was passed down to their unborn child.  This would in turn create a life of severe pain and difficulties for the baby.  During this time, the likelihood of a successful bone marrow transplant was only 35%; not enough to continue with the pregnancy and grasp the difficulties their unborn child would face.  One can only imagine the loss and devastation they went through.

By the grace of God, 3 years later they had a beautiful and healthy baby girl named Pragati.  Two years after that, the couple was shocked by an unplanned pregnancy.  Praying that the odds were in their favor this time, the doctors gave them the bad news again very late in the pregnancy that their baby is carrying the disorder.  After extensive research and advice from specialists around the world, the couple decided to continue with the pregnancy now knowing the technology of blood transfusions and bone marrow transplants could help save their baby’s life.  The percentage had now increased to a 95% success rate.  In order for Rushi to receive a bone marrow transplant he needs a match.  The couple was relying heavily on their other child since the best matches are usually found in siblings or immediate family members.  After testing, Pragati nor the parents were a successful match.  Rushi is 6 years old now and is still looking for a bone marrow match to save his life.

When Rushi was born, he was receiving Blood Transfusion once a month.  At age 6, Rushi goes through painful blood transfusion process every 3 weeks.  As he grows older, this period will shrink as his body uses more blood for normal day to day activities.

This month when doctor tested Rushi’s blood prior to blood transfusion, Rushi’s doctor informed us that his blood type is getting more rare and hard to find. This is due to Rushi going through blood transfusion every month for past six years. We are in urgent need of bone marrow for Rushi. Please help us by registering at and put in special code “MarrowRushi” or by contacting Gayatry Kapoor at  281-780-1379 -

Finding a bone marrow match also depends on a person’s ethnic background. The number of Indians that are registered is very low. This is where we need your help! Registering is very easy. Just sign up at Be The Match. They will mail you a kit, just swab the inside of your mouth and send it back. This can also be done at any Blood Centers. For locations please visit It takes less than five minutes and there is no cost to you. The more people that register, the more chances of finding a match for our sweet baby, Rushi and the others in need of bone marrow transplants.

The following are the links for more information if you do not reside in the United States.

Canada - and

New Zealand Bone Marrow Donor Registry -

British Bone Marrow Registry -

Please donate to our Fundraiser for Beta Thalassemia Awareness.  We thank you for helping Rushi Gandhi and other kids like Rushi.